Sarsenstone Cattery, The Chausie Nile
Sarsenstone Cattery's Chausie Nile

Why Get a Chausie?

Tasurt Tanis of Sarsenstone
This is a multiple choice test. Most of the answers are partly or entirely incorrect. There is only one correct answer to each question.

A. If you were deciding between a Bengal kitten, a Savannah kitten, or a Chausie kitten, you would choose the Chausie because:
  1. Chausies have gorgeous rosettes and vivid coloring.
  2. Chausies look a lot like cheetahs.
  3. Chausies get as big as a German Shepherd.
  4. Chausies have a unique personality.

B. If you were trying to choose between a Chausie, a LaPerm, and a Sphynx, you would choose the Chausie because:
  1. Your friends would know at first glance that you had bought an expensive, pedigreed cat.
  2. Your friends would be convinced you had adopted a Canadian Lynx or other species of wild cat.
  3. The Chausie is a cat that doesn't require much care or attention.
  4. Chausies are highly intelligent, intuitive, and inventive.

C. If you were waivering between adopting a Chausie, a Maine Coon, or a Siberian, you would choose the Chausie because:
  1. Chausies usually get bigger than Maine Coons and Siberians.
  2. Chausies will keep you constantly surprised and entertained with their liveliness, antics and quirks.
  3. Chausies have bigger ear tufts than Maine Coons and Siberians.
  4. Chausies come in a wide range of different colors and patterns, more than Maine Coons or Siberians.

D. If you narrowed your choices down to just the Siamese and the Chausie, you would choose the Chausie because:
  1. Chausies have a strong personality like the Siamese but in a whole new flavor.
  2. Chausies don't need as much time interacting with people as Siamese do.
  3. Chausies are a well known breed that has been popular for generations. 
  4. Chausies have beautiful deep blue eyes.

E. If your best friend suggested that you get a dog, you would opt to get a Chausie instead because:
  1. The bond would not be as strong; it would be easier to bear it when the Chausie died of old age.
  2. Chausies won't demand that you play with them or help them exercise.
  3. The sight of a Chausie will frighten a burglar more than the sight of a dog.
  4. Living with a Chausie feels like magic is afoot in the house.

To see the answers, highlight the contents of the black area in the table:

It's all about the Chausie's amazing personality:
A=4, B=4, C=2, D=1, E=4.

Thanks to Rhiannon for hitting the nail on the head and giving us just the right words for B4 and E4.
Sarsenstone Cattery's Chausie Nile
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