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Tasurt Tanis of Sarsenstone

Tasurt Tanis of Sarsenstone

Tanis is a black grizzled tabby female. The grizzled tabby pattern is unique to the Chausie breed. Tanis is special in another way. She is an SBT generation Chausie. That means she has nothing but real Chausies in her pedigree for at least the past three generations. In Tanis' particular case, you have to go six generations back in the pedigree to find the first Jungle Cat.

Tanis is a mature adult now. She's not the Tasmanian Devil Kitten she used to be, but she's still an active, inquisitive cat. She's also a talker, not loud, but continually chatting about whatever is on her mind.

She has taken to cat shows like she was born to them. She's happy to meet every judge and she's fine with every cat in her vicinity. The one thing Tanis does not like is to be left alone. She needs to have a cat or a person with her all the time or she will have something to say about it.

NOTE: Background photo was taken in Southeast Asia. The Jungle Cat lives in riparian areas
from North Africa to Southeast Asia.  Photos and text copyright 2009-2012 by Cris Bird.