Sarsenstone Cattery, The Chausie Nile
Sarsenstone Cattery's Chausie Nile

Our Chausies at TICA Cat Shows

Young Chausie female likes shows
Judge Alex Chisholm with "Dart,"
One year old BTT Chausie female, PPK show,  January, 2013
Showing Chausies is essential to ethical and skillful breeding. By exhibiting Chausies at shows, breeders can educate the judges and the public about this relatively new breed. More than that, showing is a good test of the temperament of the cats. A cat that can tolerate the strange sights and smells in a show hall crowded with people and cats, not to mention the noise, has inherited the kind of fully domestic temperament that we all should be aiming for.

Showing also keeps breeders up to date with breed developments and the latest in genetics and feline husbandry. Seeing cats from many breeds in person trains the eye in a way that nothing else can. And, showing is networking. Breeders who show a lot inevitably accumulate knowledge, resources, methods for coping with challenging problems, and contacts that are beneficial to the longterm welfare of cats and breeds alike.

Lastly, showing is one of the ways people can distinguish breeders who have the breed's best interests in mind. It costs money to show, and the return for the investment will never be financial. People show because they care about feline welfare and better breeding results, and they discover in the process that showing is fun.

In the end, cat shows are parties for people who love cats. Because they are serious, well informed cat lovers, the interaction ends up benefiting people and cats alike.

Young BTT Chausie female
Above, Judge Kim Chenault with Sharbano, who is making faces because she would rather be at home, fishing in the water bowl :-) -- January, 2013

Tanis with Judge Becknell
Judge Linda Jean Grillo with adult Tor,
East of Eden show, 2010
Judge Sue Becknell with Tasurt Tanis of Sarsenstone when she was a kitten, PPK Show, April, 2009 Judge Kitti Ruttan with Marechal King Rique of Sarsenstone, East of Eden show, 2010

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The indignity of it all!
(Judge Laura Cunningham with Tor)
(Judge Linda Jean Grillo with Rique)

Sarsenstone Cattery's Chausie Nile
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