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Black ticked tabby Chausie kitten

Tasurt Sharbano of Sarsenstone

Sharbano is the daughter of Marechal Wind Dancer of Tasurt and Tasurt Kayoko. That makes Sharbano a niece to Tor, the best Chausie we've ever had and arguably the best late generation Chausie ever bred. Those are big shoes for Sharbano to fill, and she's not that big a cat. But when she looks right at us, we see Tor. It's in the set of her eyes, the width of her nose, and in a variety of more minor traits.

We have been showing Sharbano in the new breed classes and will be able to show her in championship in 2013 because she is SBT. That means she has at least 3 generations of nothing but Chausie to Chausie breedings in her pedigree, no Jungle Cats and no other breeds within the last 3 generations. She is very easy to handle in the ring, though she is a little shy.

Sharbano's favorite pastime is eating! She's a piggy. But she's usually willing to settle for playing instead. Like most Chausies, she gets along beautifully with other cats. We are looking forward to seeing how she develops as she matures.

Black ticked tabby Chausie kitten

NOTE: Background photo was taken in Southeast Asia. The Jungle Cat lives in riparian areas
from North Africa to Southeast Asia.  Photos and text copyright 2009-2012 by Cris Bird.