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Sarsenstone Cattery's Chausie Nile

Chausie Kittens of the Past
Notes and Letters

Note from  Reyna's New Owners

Reyna is still long and lithe, just bigger. Her golden eyes and sable coat are very striking, and her athletic abilities are remarkable. 

Reyna is . . . incredibly adorable and lovey, and when she gets excited, she talks in a high, chirpy, expressive voice. 

She watches the news on Pam's lap, occupies a chair next to me while I'm working, and sleeps above our heads on our pillows, as if protecting us from other jungle creatures. She lets us clip her claws, which is a big victory. Her favorite game is batting around crumpled balls of paper, which she will fetch and bring back to us to throw again, or just bat around with tremendous energy. She's quite the athlete.

Note from  Cindra's People

We decided to name her "Cindra" [from the French Cinderella or "Cindrellon," meaning "from the ashes"]. Cindra has coal black, shiny fur (with lots of white specks and black on black stripes) and gold eyes. 

Cindra is fearless, launching herself into a room without any concern whatsoever about never being there before. She is not afraid of any of the [adult cats], [not] even our "Goliath" Cashmere, who outweighs her by a good 10 pounds. She chases the adults around, which is hysterical to watch. Believe it or not, she is our loudest talker. She "talks" and tells us about everything! She . . . is now close to 9 [pounds]. 

We bought some cat toys for Cindra. Unlike the other erstwhile kittens who played with the toys a little now and then, [and] as adults largely ignore them, Cindra [still] loves to chase and retrieve the fur "mousies." She is also smart enough to know what drawer we store them in. She meows either while sitting on the counter over the drawer or standing just below it. She generally makes herself a nuisance about it until we get another mousie out. She tires both our pitching arms out throwing the mousie down the hall for what seems like hours at a time. She chases after it and brings it back. She is constantly dropping mousies in the community food dish for "safekeeping" or under the refrigerator, couch, or closet door to also keep it "safe." --From whom, we don't know since the others don't play with them. The last stash I ran across was a record seven fur mice that got lost under the door of the closet!

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Sarsenstone Cattery's Chausie Nile
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