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Sarsenstone Delilah went to a great home with her brother, Samson (below).
Sarsenstone Samson lives with his sister Delilah, above. He looks like a silver tabby, but he's not. He simply has a great deal of the background ticking common in the Chausie breed combined with a relatively cool granite rock tone to the base color. It is another trait that evokes the natural heritage of the breed's ancestors.
Sarsenstone Maxwell, a lynx point Chausie alterSarsenstone Max is a lynx point Chausie, or so-called "snow" Chausie. It's not an accepted color for show, but Chausies are occasionally born with this color and pattern and make great pets. Max has excellent type -- just exactly the kind of broad nose, flattened eyes, and long muzzle that a good Chausie should have. He also has a terrific personality. We have heard that he has learned to enjoy riding in the passenger seat of a car and wants to know when he can start driving!
Asshur, 5 mo old Chausie kittenAsshur, a solid black Chausie alterSarsenstone Asshur did not look terribly unusual when he was a kitten. At far left, you see him at age 5 months. And he did not even look terribly different at age 12 months. But at 15 months he went through a late growth spurt. Everything about him got longer and taller until he became one of the most handsome Chausies ever. He's quite a loving boy, as well.
Sarsenstone Daisy, daughter of Sarsenstone Tarn and Sarsenstone Psusennes. She was Cleo's little sister. Daisy grew into quite a beautiful, graceful Chausie.
Sarsenstone Isis, daughter of Sarsenstone Tanis and Tasurt Markin Time of Jinipenda. Black Chausies are very difficult to photograph, which is too bad because Isis is absolutely stunning. She's built like a black panther. You can see her below next to Cleo, looking out the window -- taller than Cleo, and Cleo is a big cat herself! But Isis also has a quirky, funny, loving personality.
Sarsenstone Cleo, daughter of Sarsenstone Tarn and Sarsenstone Psusennes, seen here on top of the refrigerator with Sarsenstone Isis. And here's another shot of the two of them:

Reyna at 1 year oldSarsenstone Reyna, daughter of Tasurt Tanis of Sarsenstone, and a Thai stud. She was born in Tanis' first litter as a young queen. (It's been years since then, and Tanis is now retired from breeding.) Reyna is probably a solid black Chausie.

For a description of Reyna's personality from her owners, see the Notes and Letters page.
Cindrellon as a kittenCindra at 1 year oldSarsenstone Cindrellon, daughter of Tasurt Tanis and a Thai stud. She was littermate to Reyna. Cindra is a black grizzled tabby Chausie.

For a description of Cindra's personality from her owners, see the Notes and Letters page.
Loki as kittenBig Loki at 1 yearSarsenstone Loki, son of Tasurt Tanis and a Thai stud. Littermate to Reyna, etc. He was a tall handsome kitten and grew into a very long, lanky, impressive Chausie. Solid black. The white on the neck is a locket. Tanis produced a number of lockets in her kittens. Geneticists tell us that lockets in Chausies may often be the result of the developmental interactions between Felis chaus and Felis catus genes. The lockets did not occur in later generations.
Pixel as a kittenPixel at age 1 yearSarsenstone Pixel was Loki's litter brother. We thought he was a seal point initially (nonstandard for Chausies). Tanis evidently carried a pointed gene from Oriental ancestors of Chausies, and daddy was a Thai. But as his color developed in an unusual manner and facial markings and highlights in his coat were suspicious, we did DNA testing. Pixel is the first confirmed seal grizzled tabby point Chausie.Pixel's face
Harvee as kittenHarvee as adult
Harvee face
Sarsenstone Harvee was born in Tanis' second litter. His father was Tasurt Markin Time of Jinipenda, so both parents were Chausies. The spotted pattern is nonstandard for Chausies, but still pops up regularly because of many spotted ancestors of the breed. Harvee  turned into a very large, handsome boy. Very affectionate. You see him tenderly licking an elderly red point Siamese on the head. Harvee's long, lanky body, long cheekbones, and big ears are terrific -- just what you want to see in a Chausie.
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