Sarsenstone Cattery, The Chausie Nile

Kittens Available

Sorry, no kittens currently available.

Please review information on website first. But, for more information, you are welcome to email
PLEASE NOTE: You MUST give me your name, explain why you are interested in Chausies, and tell me a little about the kind of home you would provide to a cat or kitten. Sorry, but I will not reply to unsigned, one-line text messages that arrive out of nowhere. (LOL.)

ALSO NOTE: The welfare of the kittens and cats we raise is first priority. Breeders don't make money breeding cats. You should see our vet bills, food and litter bills! It's all about developing and preserving great breeds, and it's about the love of the cats. So, please don't be offended. We carefully interview all potential new owners and would rather stop breeding than let any of our Chausies go to the wrong kind of home.

Here are additional photos of the kittens:

If you would like to see what 100% Jungle Cat kittens look like, here is a photo taken in a wild part of India:

Sarsenstone Cattery's Chausie Nile
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