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Chausie, F1 female

Hattshepsut of Sarsenstone
Hattshepsut is a black ticked tabby Chausie of the F1 generation, bred in Florida by an individual licensed to handle exotic cats. Hatti's father was an exotic cat, a Jungle Cat, and her mother a nonpedigreed domestic cat. An F1 cat cannot be shown in TICA, but can be used to develop new bloodlines for the Chausie breed—to keep the breed genetically diverse and healthy.

Hatti came to us as a baby, five months old. She is now grown up and resembles her father the Jungle Cat quite a bit. She has big, broad ears with small ear tufts; long legs; slightly hooded eyes; a long, flat-sided body with a deep chest; and a coat that overall feels soft but has a slight coarseness or grittiness that seems to float on the surface.

One of the nice things about working with a breed derived from the mellow Jungle Cat is that they are fairly domesticated in their behavior from the first generation onward. Hatti is outgoing with people, and is comfortable living with other cats. Just the same, living with an F1 Chausie is not as easy as living with a fully domestic Chausie of the third generation and later. Hatti is not as reliable with the litter box as our domestic cats, and she's a little touchier about changes than a domestic cat would be. She's much easier to live with than a Jungle Cat would be, but Hatti's offspring will be easier still.

Hatti is beautiful, of course. But better than that, she's a sweet, loving girl. She's highly intelligent, a fabulous athlete, and has a quirky sense of humor. She's full of surprises. With luck, she will contribute all those great traits of hers to future generations of Chausies.
 F1 Chausie, head shot

More photos of Hatti:

Hatti loves to lounge on her side and watch the sky for birds and other creatures

Trees and bushes are the best kind of furniture

Hatti up on one of her aerial catwalks; notice how long her legs are

Baby Hatti
Adult Hatti face to face Baby Hatti #2
Baby Hatti Adult Hatti Baby Hatti

NOTE: Background photo was taken in Southeast Asia. The Jungle Cat lives in riparian areas
from North Africa to Southeast Asia.  Photos and text copyright 2009-2011 by Cris Bird.