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Black ticked tabby Chausie

Tasurt Desert Dancer of Sarsenstone,

Dart is an SBT generation Chausie out of Marechal Wind Dancer of Tasurt and Willowind Desert Fire of Tasurt. We call her "Dart" because she has a way of darting from place to place. She's so lanky and longlegged she doesn't seem like the type that could turn on a dime and appear nearly instantaneously in two places, but somehow she does.

Dart has a lot going for her appearance-wise. She has just the right combination of basketball player body, big ears, and a beautiful, sandy black ticked tabby coat. It's what we look for and often don't find in our later generation Chausies. Her eyes could stand to be flatter on top and her muzzle longer, but that's okay because Dart has something even better going for her.

Dart has a fantastic personality. She is that perfect combination of Chausie humor, weird Chausie vocalizations, and water worship. But at the same time, she's immensely outgoing with people and other cats. She charms judges at shows and manages to wind us here at home around her little toes to where we'll do whatever she wants us to do. She's got that ingenious, practical, down-to-earth Chausie survival thinking -- but she also knows how to relate effectively to people (just as a very domestic but very smart Siamese would do).

Survival smarts and people smarts. Dart has them both. 

BTT Chausie female

NOTE: Background photo was taken in Southeast Asia. The Jungle Cat lives in riparian areas
from North Africa to Southeast Asia.  Photos and text copyright 2009-2012 by Cris Bird.