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Sarsenstone Cattery's Chausie Nile

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Tasurt Tor of Sarsenstone, an excellent example of the Chausie breed
Located in Southern California, we have been breeding Thais (Old-Style Siamese) since 1994. Our search for new (but old) bloodlines to expand the gene pool and ensure the health of the  breed led us halfway across the world to Thailand and taught us many things about cats and life beyond American borders.

One day a Thai gentleman, Aree Yoobumrung, whom we had met on our first trip to Thailand, showed our Bangkok-based friend Martin Clutterbuck a strange-looking black cat with an unusual pattern of partially white hairs scattered across the coat. He insisted the cat was the legendary Saem Sawet described in Thailand's famous 700 year old Siamese Cat Poems. Martin Clutterbuck sent photos of the cat to us and asked us what we thought.

Aree's "Saem Sawet" got us thinking for the first time that maybe the Saem Sawet of 700 years ago was not a myth. While it is not the only possibility, one of the more likely explanations is that the Thai people beat the West to the concept of the Chausie breed, just as they discovered the Siamese, the Korat, and the Copper (Burmese or Tonkinese) long before the Americans or Europeans.

Whether that's true or is not, we decided we wanted to get better acquainted with the Chausie breed, a breed started in the 1990s in the United States.

We discovered that the Chausie has a personality that has much in common with our beloved Siamese. It's the same, but it's also not the same. It's wonderful and it's unique.
Sarsenstone Cattery's Chausie Nile
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