Sarsenstone Cattery, The Chausie Nile
Sarsenstone Cattery's Chausie Nile

About the Chausie Breed

Tasurt Tor of Sarsenstone, an excellent example of the Chausie breed

Chausie Size  -- If you are looking for a great BIG monster of a cat, read this first.

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The Cat That Came Up From the Reeds (TICA Trend breed article)

Why Get a Chausie?

Chausie Breed History (the global-evolutionary perspective)

Chausie Biology (how Chausies differ from Jungle Cats and hybrids)

Wrong and Wronger (Misconceptions About Chausies)

Egyptian Names and Chausies

Sarsenstone Cattery's Chausie Nile
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